Making Magic

“Magic, the illusion of what is real and not real”

Shakti Chionis

Isn’t that what we all want, to decide in life what is real and not real?  Tricking our mind can be very useful to create a magical life.


When we live our lives authentically, we start living what is real.  When we start living what is real, we begin seeing “in between the lines” as to what is NOT real.  Only THEN can we take on a new role of magic in our lives.  This ‘between worlds’ is significant in that it is where the MAGIC lies.


Our resistance prevents opening.  Allowing authenticity, we open and start making magic daily.  I hope that everyone gains this level of mastery so we ALL unite and live daily with peace, joy and abundance.  We are all interdependently connected and because of this, we feel other peoples stuff.  We struggle with what is ours and what is theirs.  We stop opening and shrivel inside remaining tight in our buds because we worry about what LOOKS real as opposed to what IS real.  Here is where the gift lives in transforming ourselves with “What would someone who loves themselves do?” This question allows one to align with their authentic self!  This allows space to be made within our control of what is.


We allow the good to come.  We allow the blessings to be there.  We open ourselves up and allow life to flow.  Happiness, Joy, Abundance, Peace are all wonderful things to allow in our day.  Being vulnerable allows us to receive these gifts.  If we placate it, we miss out and remain tight in our buds.  Fear shrivels our minds and we refuse to learn, grow, expand, open into a realm of magic.


Practice- Daily bites.  Training the mind to overcome obstacles.  This means accepting ‘what is’.  It’s hard to move on and do different when we deny/avoid what is.  Take a moment and just sit with what  your life is right now.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  If you just can’t get past some things, look for the positive intention that it is giving.  This will start to unhook and allow you to start accepting ‘what is’.  Journal your thoughts and start moving into more positive emotions.  Then find the window that lets you start allowing ‘what is’ to be ‘what is’.  Acknowledge these emotions and you may find that you then move into appreciation and gratitude before you know it.


NOTE:  You MUST actively participate in this exercise in order to make the changes you want in life.  Sitting back waiting for life to give you these gifts will only work if you have no opposing resistance.

Kuan Yin


3 thoughts on “Making Magic

  1. I especially like your positive energy. You have inspired me with your post, you are correct about how to achieve more positive things in your life, journaling has been my greatest source of healing. Keep doing what you do, you will help someone along the way,

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