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Shakti’s Soul Expressions has been born as of 3/22/2014.

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Back in November and December, 2013

 Recently I have been introduced to a style of art called Mixed Media.  I have been practicing and these are some of the pieces I have made.  It’s a lot of fun.







I have lots of felt wall hanging, dolls, and other projects that I find I make throughout the year.  Some of the items are for sale.  I will post if they are next to the picture.    All the felted items are made with wool, and wool/bamboo/silk, etc blends.  They are on  an organic bamboo/rayon cotton blend backing.

Wool needle felted Tapestry.  Poppies and Peonies

Wool needle felted Tapestry. Poppies and Peonies

For our school auction I donated this one below.

Felted Tree with house and apple orchard tapestry

For my sons 1st grade auction project we did a tree house.  I put a lot of hours into it and ironically we ended up buying it at the auction.  It has many accessories that were felted.  I did some of the animals (rabbits, squirrels, hummingbird, and many more).  There were seasonal mats that I made as well.  Here I’ve posted the spring, summer and winter.  They are now apart of our seasonal nature table.


Spring seasonal felted mat.

 Spring Season felted Mat

 Spring seasonal needle felted mat.

Summer Needle felted pond with lilies.

Summer Needle felted pond with lilies.

Lilies in pond.

Lilies in pond

 Winter Mat

Winter Wonderland seasonal needle felted play mat.

Gnome family

Gnome family






Gnome tree house.

Gnome tree house.

This one has a beautiful hand stitched dollhouse rug that my mom made.  She hand painted the design and worked 22 stitches to the inch.  It’s just gorgeous and I’m happy to have it on this love gnome house.  They like it very much.





I have really enjoyed making waldorf style dolls.  I just wish I had more time to do it.  Having had a second baby changed how much free time or rest I’ve have.  I look forward to making more in the future.  This is my collection that I have done for gifts or auctions.  Unfortunately there are a few I didn’t take photos of, but I’m glad I have these precious ones.  This first one was for a 1 yeyear old.  I decorated the basket with ruffled ribbon and made a soft bed for her inside.











Below was a class project for the auction.  The Kindergarten parents made a puppet theater and some puppets.  Above is a grandma I did and I knitted her shawl.  Then the witch and wizard.  In the bottom picture here, there are two colored dolls I made as well.  This is the only photo I have of them.  I also knitted the cow.



2 thoughts on “My Art

  1. My kids loved watching me make them. It was hard on my hand to make THAT many in a short time. My now 2 year old walked around making the hand gesture of the needle felting a lot. That was funny to watch.

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