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Cultivating Love – 8 steps for creating Magic


This is exactly what humanity needs right now. We need lots of people inspiring others. We share our stories to help others lift up. This is good, but sometimes the people falling, or those that are stuck need more than a lift. They need more than a story. They need a rope. Sometimes a really long rope. They feel helpless, hopeless, lost or really stuck. Telling someone “to practice gratitude will change your life” isn’t everyones fix. Sometimes those that are stuck need help getting to a place just to allow gratitude before they can experience it.

I was one of those people. Suffering feels so isolating at times that seeing the forest through the trees doesn’t happen. Being stuck sucks. I read that today on someones blog title and said, “Yup, I’ve been there.” Being stuck does suck because it isn’t clear how to get unstuck. There were years where I would say “Why do these things just keep happening to me.” “Why can’t I find a job?, Why can’t I have a healthy relationship? Why don’t I have any money? Why do people treat me so poorly? Why am I a people pleaser? Why don’t people listen to me? Why am I misunderstood all the time?” There are many factors that create stuckness. There are so many interdependency factors involved, but to keep things simple, let’s see one at a time. You might feel stuck in a job you hate, stuck in a relationship that isn’t going anywhere, stuck in a family that doesn’t nurture you, stuck in a life that feels like a prison, stuck in a city that doesn’t support you or maybe you are stuck with no money and can’t find work.

It may feel like quicksand consuming you. It can feel paralyzing, or it can feel debilitating. Whatever has made you so stuck, it’s time to free yourself. You get to be the master in your life now and choose to look for a new way of doing something. You get to be the conductor. It’s time to create movement from inertia keeping you bound and tied down. Remaining stuck “IS NO LONGER AN OPTION!” What would someone who loves themselves do? They would care. They would take action. They embrace themselves.  They are willing to risk being vulnerable.

Here are 8 steps to create magic and to get unstuck.

1)  Acknowledge you are stuck.   It IS the key to getting unstuck.  Seriously, say outloud “I am stuck”  OWN your stuckness.  Do it with style.  Do it with laughter.  Do it with pizzazz.  I don’t care how you do it….but do it!

2) Write an allowing journal. Allow yourself to get unstuck. Allow yourself movement. Allow the feelings to be ok. Allow yourself to fee what you are avoiding. Allow good in your life. Allow freedom in your life. Allow joy and happiness. Allow a life worth living. Allow forgiveness. Allow inner peace. Allow yourself to make changes and most importantly allow yourself love.

3) See yourself as a big person, not a victim. Empower yourself. You are conducting your life now. You are only here because of a thought you believed about yourself. You are now allowing yourself to have new thoughts. You are now making new choices. Do NOT believe everything you think. This becomes a trap. You are here with millions of people that have been in your shoes or similar shoes. There is room for everyone to make new and different choices to become unstuck. This is another important step. Ask your adult self for help. Ask your higher self for help. Ask the universe for help. Ask God for help. Ask spirit for help. Say I am ready for change.

4) Cultivate Love. You are creating a garden (your garden). You need seeds. What seeds do you want to plant? Seeds of love, joy, happiness, generosity, patience, etc… You need space to grow it. You need water, fertilizer, sunshine, patience, etc… Now one of the most important thing all gardens need is to pull the weeds that grow. It is essential for the healthy plants to not be suffocated by weeds. Our thoughts are no different. Pulling the weeds of self doubt, not being good enough, not deserving, all the negative self talk will smother any healthy growth and we will be unable to see progress. We want the seeds of possibilities to flourish and grow. I want you to be your own witness to this miracle. It will happen. It is the joy of gardening. To harvest our food we grow. To enjoy the beauty of the flowers we grow. Love is the same. We want to cultivate it (hold it precious to ourselves) so we can allow it to rise up within and touch the lives of those around us…including ourselves.

5) Make a vision board and set an intention. Another KEY piece here. Your intention is your seed. Your intention creates your new changes to come. Making a vision board helps visually see it so you can “feel how good it will feel” when it comes. Feeling is half the equation here. Have a stack of magazines. Think of an intention, and then cut away. Don’t think about what you are cutting, just cut words, pictures, photos and set them aside. Then on a big piece of paper glue them together in a way that your intuition guides you. You can even put a date on it. Sign it with your signature. The universe wants to know it’s yours. Put a dab of saliva on it….this is your DNA signature.

6) Believe in yourself. What positive things can your write down about yourself? Write down 10 things that are positive. Do it! (I can see you coming up with excuses already).

7) Make a list of 100 things you want. (Is it a job, a career, a home, a lover, a friend, a car, a horse, a dog…) Whatever it is you need/want make this list. Don’t skimp on details. The universe does fabulous with details. The more the better and the clearer you get. If you are doing this with a husband, a partner, etc…it brings clarity for both of you to get on the same page and understand each other. Now, make a list of 50 things you have to offer. This is an incredible exercise to do.

8) Sit back and watch the miracle happen in your life. Watch the magic. You just created the remedy to get unstuck. I dare you to try it. It is impossible to fail. It is a very powerful method. DO NOT SKIP ANY STEPS….(If you do, I will know….hee hee)

Your life matters. Go give it meaning and purpose, so others will recieve your gifts you have to offer. You have everything for humanity to thrive. It’s all inside you when you cultivate love. You never know who’s life will be touched by your story. It may just be the rope to help pull someone out of their suffering. Humanity needs all of us to show up. Hands held out across the world.

With deepest gratitude, I wish you everything you desire to get unstuck. I believe in you. You have everything you need to create your own magic.

Please help others.  Share this link on Facebook, twitter, email it to friends.  I know what it’s like to be really stuck.  I have found a formula to get unstuck.  If you really want to help someone who’s ready to make changes, share this link.  Thank you.  I have nothing to gain here, it’s just my aspiration to help people.



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“Faith is to believe what you do not see and the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.”

St. Augustine

With Thanksgiving coming around the corner, more gratitude is always following behind.  Our communication of gratitude is often spoken more around this time of year.   Let us utilize this week to practice gratitude not just for one day but for the rest of the week leading up to Thanksgiving and see just how awesome life becomes.

I am grateful for my friends, my family, the amazing people in my life, my good health, my children’s good health, my abundance in life, my home, my kindness and compassion.  All is well, no matter what and I am thankful for that.

The Better it Gets, the Better it Gets…..


“I love you. The world is my oyster and my heart is full.”

 The best is yet to come.  I love a good mystery, don’t you?  

From what I hear, the better it gets, the better it gets.

Magic Unfolding…do you believe with your eyes?


Believing in appearance, is it real?  Or is what we see an illusion?

As stated many times, my definition of magic is “That which is real and that which is not real”.

Believing in something….What is being believed?  

Your perception?  Your belief system?  Your understanding of how things work?

To ‘Believe’ what creates the belief in the first place?  Our thoughts do.  So let’s step out of the box for just a moment.  Let’s “BELIEVE” we are the creator of our own reality.  Kind of like a movie and you are the “STAR” in it.

Ask yourself,  “What is it I want to see?  What is it that my creative mind is creating? 

“What really is happening is, your eyes of the “seeing part” is connecting to your heart “The believing part”.  So if you REALLY want to see it, you first must believe it from the inside, at your heart center.  So, I have created a method to get there!  

6 Weeks to Magic

Here is a way to begin a process of stepping into “a belief”.  One that Already Exists in the universal mind (God Mind).   You are acting (or pretending you believe it is so already) and by doing so, allows a shift to happen.  These words “I accept it now,” are very powerful in your intentions and helps you acknowledge that there is a willingness to own it.

If you dare to create the life you wish for, then dare to unfold the magic box handed to you in this message.

“The only thing stopping you from having exactly what you want is the belief that you can’t have it.”


There is no other aspect to this.  You believe you don’t deserve it, or you don’t believe you are worthy of it, or you think it’s a 100 reasons out of your hands.  It is a trap keeping you aligned to that which you will never get.

The first step to shifting this is to start allowing for your beliefs to change.  Allow for new channels to open up.  New ways of living in harmony, truth and abundance.  Allowing the magic to come to you and find you.  As my friend Jacob Liberman says so beautifully,

“What if life is looking for you?”


Start writing out, “My perfect life already exists in the universal mind and I accept it now”.  Or something similar, whether it be your family or a spouse.  Any relationship you wish to change, or any circumstances you have a wish for like a job/career, etc…  Let yourself believe it already exists.  Write this out 25x/day for 2 weeks.  NO EXCUSES, just do it!  

After these 2 weeks, NOW write one of 3 things.  (Just pick one).

“I deserve success and I accept it now.”

“I deserve love and I accept it now.”

“I’m sorry (put your name here), please forgive me.”

(IF you feel drawn to do each one of them, do not do them all at the same time)

Again, write this out 25x/day for 2 weeks. 


After you have finished this homework (which I know you will ALL do), you will write this last one.

“I believe in myself, and I accept it now.” 50x/day for 2 weeks.  It is beneficial if you say it out loud as you are writing it too.  

IF you have stayed the course with honest integrity, you will NOW have made the connection from your eyes to your heart center.  Miracles not only exist outside of you, but now they begin to unfold inside you.  

NOW, you happily begin to see with new eyes,new beliefs that you created.  You are creating your own world and it’s bringing its own magic in your life.

Don’t take my word for it.  Do the work and trust this message is for you.  It’s time to wake up.

WHEN you complete this assignment (so that would be end of October, early November), email your success stories to me.  I want to hear from you.  I not only believe this will change your life, I know it will.

You are worth it, so do the work.  It’s only 10-15 min a day.  Do not say you don’t have time.  I have a 2-year-old and a 7 year old….I find the time! 🙂

(Side note, you do not have to obsess over this.  You write it out, say it out loud and put it away.  If emotions come up from it, allow them.  Accept the changes that will shift and trust a seed has been planted.  As Marilyn Jennet says, “Sprinkle it with faith and expectations and it will germinate….It’s a universal law.”)


Copyright 2013.  September…all rights reserved.

Please take a moment and share this on FB or Twitter or Pinterest.  This message is for everyone.  Be the messenger pigeon today and spread the love.  Have a great day.


Breathing….Oxygen fuels the mind and spirit!


What is inspiration? It is being in spirit. What is bringing in the spirit? It is your breath. Breathing is taken for granted. It literally is something we can do without thinking. We can do it in our sleep, in a coma and even when we are in panic.

It won’t be the first time you forget that this is one of the most important aspects of living. Without breath, we can not live. Without living, we are dead. However, what level of living are you expecting in your life? Treading water? Suffocating? Thriving? Are you happy with the level of life support you sustain in right now?

What forms the breath? It is a subtle kind of wind that moves through us. Consciousness is another form of wind that moves through us until we die and then passes out of our bodies. Does that mean our breath is consciousness? Does that mean breathing literally is the aspect of who we are? Are they inseparable?

Now, let’s look at wind. What is wind? It is an element of energy and force that come together to make movement. Wind is no different then our breath. What is moving the wind? It’s another subtle form of energy that I suspect matches that of consciousness. So does that mean, the winds around us are alive? Does it mean that all forms of consciousness are surrounding us? We are therefore existing in a vortex (or a hologram) of subtle energies that move outside, inside, and literally in a secret form of all that is.

What does this have to do with life? Breath? Living? It means that every level of being, exists in some kind of consciousness. Therefore, every action you take is measured in some aspect of consequences. Karmic seeds are planted on every realm of existence. This literally creates your life.

You are born from consciousness. A seed grows through the energy and forces of subtle winds and creates a human. That energy is connected to you at every level of your being. In that observation, allow yourself to live consciously. Allow yourself to become the winds of reality. Let life move you in the direction you are meant to grow. There isn’t any need to resist what is.

Just like in nature, life grows naturally. Resistance doesn’t exist. Energy flows around and allows nature to just exist in a state of natural bliss. Haven’t you noticed when you are in nature, you get fueled by “oxygen” and “inspired” by nature’s presence. At the top of a mountain, you gain vast perspective and are fueled with greater awareness in spirit and in consciousness.

By a bubbling brook, or a water fall, you are filled with energy. You are filled with “life”. You are filled with renewal (which oxygen brings us in great quantities).

Walking in a meadow of flowers, a garden, a rainbow of colors. All healing aspects filling your visual, your sensory of smell and allowing your body to align with the natural energies of life. We find we relax more, we are at peace more and we can allow ourselves to just rest in our natural state. Oxygen is a powerful form of healing, because it is a form of consciousness.

All these levels of consciousness help us be alive. They help us align back to our natural state of bliss. When the stress of life is catching you in a mouse trap, look for the winds of all kinds. Look to see where your consciousness can be fueled.

Your mind and your spirit are what sustain the body. Without these forms of winds, we would be dead. These are what keep us going. How do you want to sustain them? How do you want to move in life? Find ways to keep allowing yourself to open and remain balanced so spirit can continue to live inside in ways that bring expansion, awareness, growth, bliss and inspiration.

You never know what the subtle winds are calling you to do. Someone once said, “If today was the first day of the rest of your life, what would you choose to be?” Make it the most important day of your life, because it is literally the only day of your life. Today is now. Tomorrow is not here, and yesterday is already gone and too late to be something else, since you have already planted those karmic seeds.

All these seeds lie dormant until the ripening of them occur. And you never know which life time they will sprout.

Feed your mind spirit. Drink it in like an elixir. Be inspired as often as you can and fuel your mind. It literally is what is keeping you alive right now. Breath is your master. Breath is your life force. Make a difference in your life today. Live magically, live consciously and allow yourself to live with love inside. Divine love surrounds you in the vast world of all that is. What more can we ask for? It seems like bliss is already here, just allow it.