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Acceptance- Nature’s Healing Remedy

tear-drop in eye

Listening to my story today.  Wishing I could have done better.  Small steps of successes with big regrets of anger.  Wishing I could have done better.  Feeling sorrow.  Acceptance feels like a balm.  Tomorrow I pick up my feet and look for more successes.  They are always there.  Washing my hands of the stains I made on my son today.  Acceptance of what is.  I will say prayers and wish more successes tomorrow.  Breath in and out, I accept my actions.  I allow for new choices tomorrow.

I’m sorry.


Rising Phoenix

The lost soul of eternity will belong to the Heart of King.

I am your soul talking. I am your flame. I am your cousin of truth.

Let me tell you.

Let me share a story.


You were born free. Free to live a Heart filled life.  

You were born to love, laugh, cry and let joy drink from the fountain of youth.


The first time you cut me down I cried.

Then it was not the same.  You shunned me away.

Aching at your loss, you don’t speak to me anymore.

Lost in a world of flames-

You ignite anger with your breath.


Words sting.

Words bite.  

Words kill.

Be still and smolder out.  

Be lifted from the blaze.  

Anguished with heat you must find the way to seek help.


Burnt to a crisp it’s time to transform.

Rise above and yield to me.

I hold the key for your sanity.

Rise above, float along, you need never to endure such anguish again.


Rise to the joy.

Rise to the stars.

Be free at last.

Be free to be me.


Rejoice in your calling.

Be home at last.

Be honor.

Be love.  

Be home at last.

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Becoming More – How to Rise Above

eagle soar

Who said you’ll never surmount to anything?

Who said you can’t be what you dream?

Who has stopped you from showing up in life?

“Where and when was it ok to trust that voice? “

I know I matter.  I know I am someone!  I followed my happiness but over time, my smile annoyed people.  Over time, I was told it’s not ok to be happy ALL the time. I was shown different.  I was told “YOU CAN’T BE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.”

I began hating myself so that I could overcome all the anger and negative energy surrounding me.

And who told you all of this?  My FATHER. 

He lied to me.  He shamed me.  He showed me that I didn’t matter.  I know deep down that he can’t make me be something I am not.         BUT DAMN IT HURTS!  

I have the guts to overcome such grief.

I have the magic to find a new truth.  

I have the desire to be stronger.

 I have the faith to find compassion.


That is my miracle….and it feels good to say out loud.

Shakti Chionis

Copyright © June 2013  All Rights Reserved.