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Emotional Freedom, does it exist? 10 tricks and tips to dig yourself out of that hole.


“Life does not play tricks on you.  Your mind does.”

Iyanla Vanzant


Only when we know better, do we do better.  Does emotional freedom exist?  Do you believe that your mind is separate from who you really are?  Or do you believe that you are your mind?  These are pivotal life changing questions to be asking yourself.  If life follows you and your words (and even your thoughts), then perhaps being in the driver’s seat matters.

Where do we begin?  Someday’s sitting with your thoughts and your mind becomes toxic in and of itself.  We rely on our mind.  We believe our thoughts and we often get carried away far too much on a daily basis.  How is it then that we unhook our thoughts?  Here are a 10 techniques that will help.

1) Investigate…take a look at your thought.  Is it true?  Is it really really true?  How do you know it’s true?  Where in your life can you say it’s true and not true.  Look, really look to see how it’s not true.  Even if it’s one example, because if there’s one, there will be more to follow.

2) Look at the belief.  Ask yourself, “Who told me this about myself?”  Was it a parent, a teacher, a sibling, society, or yourself?  When you see who put that belief in you perhaps it isn’t yours.  Let it go.

3) Pema Chodron once said, “Don’t believe everything you think.”  Give it a go and see what happens next.

4) Life is our friend.  Choose to see it that way.  Make the intention that the universe if for you, not against you.  And when that happens, you can say yes more.  Words/thoughts are powerful and if you choose the negative ones, you get to witness them all day long.  What is the positive intention in your suffering?  What is the positive intention in your negative thoughts.  Ask them and they will answer you.

5) Love what arises.  Make friends with all your thoughts.  Embrace them with 100% enthusiasm, no matter how sarcastic or sadistic they are.  Commit 100% for rejoicing in who that voice is and see what happens next.  When you offer love, the outcome has only one way to go.

6) Our external world appears in form.  Forms appear as objects that we own or don’t own.  We can take them or leave them, but we identify with them outside of ourselves as something that we acquire.  Our thoughts are forms as well, but we don’t realize it.  We can choose to own them or not.  We can choose to leave them behind or not.  When we see that our emotional life is no different from the physical life, freedom awaits.  Learn to surrender your thoughts.  Ego creates your suffering but your spiritual self knows really who you are.  Listen to that voice instead.

7) Learn techniques to assist in reprogramming your mind.

  •  Meditation for some, is really helpful in this. There are a variety of different ways of learning. Just start.

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a tapping of meridian points that liberates our well-being in profound ways and works really well.

  •  EMDR is another kind of re patterning of the brain (neural pathways).  If you have built-in wiring from childhood traumas, this is a technique that will create a new matrix of thought forms and give emotional freedom.

8) Drop into prayer.  Simple prayers are very affective.  Here are a few to try out.

  • Help me loving universe.  Help me to surrender my thoughts that I feel out of control with.

  • Please heal my perspective of ______.  Thank you.

  • Please uplift my spirit and bring joyful expression in my words and thoughts today.

  • Help me release my sadness or grief or fears today so I may live in divine love and divine grace.  

  • How may I be of service today.  Help me help others.

9) Fear knocked at the door, Faith Answered, no one was there.  Build up your faith muscles.  Start small and go from there.  Take windows of your day to practice this.  Each mini success you have, it will build on the bigger picture of your life.

10) Begin to allow yourself to have new thoughts.  Create an allowing journal.  Allow yourself to love.  Allow yourself to be gentle and soft with yourself.  Allow yourself to ask for help.  Allow yourself to allow.  Spend 10 minutes in your journal writing all the things you will allow in your life today.

MAKE a Choice today.  Do you want to join the “Chain of well- being” or do you want to remain in the “Chain of pain”?

You may think you are the only one suffering when you choose to live in the chain of pain, but it isn’t true.  The interdependence follows you.  All those around you can be sucked into your world or you can uplift them around you and “entrain” them into your “Chain of well-being” and see how humanity shifts as you make your personal choices.  I didn’t say it would be easy, but then again that is another choice, isn’t it?

Whatever comes after the words “I AM”…..follows you.  Not only does it follow you but it expands and grows.  How do you choose to expand and grow today?

Have a great day! Love Shakti

The Time Has Come ~

Welcome image

We are all being asked to Awaken to our Heart’s Essence. 


Are you listening? 

Are you paying attention? 

Are you fighting it or opening to the mystery of it?


Do you see life in black and white?  Are you living in the shadow of perfectionism still?

Awakening to your Heart’s Essence means are you waking up to your purpose?  Are you choosing to be for love or against love?  Are you for giving love?  Or against giving love?  Forgiving yourself?  Forgiving others?

I can not answer any of these for you.  Only you can.  What matters most to you?  Being right?  Being loving?  Being present and showing up?  Listening to your calling.

The time has come.  The time is right now.  Do not let life hold you back.

What choices are you making today?  What is your heart saying?  And are you listening?


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Life Lessons







Ultimately it is our choice.  Ultimately it is our surrender for expansion.  Ultimately we must accept this way.  For if not this way, what other choices must we live with?

Choices we make all day long.


Is it me or is it life?  We are faced with choices all the time.  We get so much stimuli and then have to make the best or the right choice in just about everything we do from our own health, to our kids to our work world and on and on it goes. 

How does one go about making the best or right choice in life?  Perhaps there is a different vantage point on this.  Perhaps surrendering to more of the basic choices and allowing the universe to offer you the best choice for your highest good will ease off some of the burden. 

What if everyday you said a prayer and asked Divine Intelligence to supply you with the best choices for you every day and in every way that makes your life move with ease, balance and perfect health?  What if you asked to have your families protected and nourished and remove any obstacles that help maintain the best of integrity for the collective whole (yourself and your family) each and every day in every way? 

This is what I call Grace.  This is what I call surrendering to a higher power and allowing your life to flow effortlessly.  We all try too hard.  We all try to control too much.  We all have some aspect of our life that is brimmed to the top of “too much”.  Too much stimuli, too many choices, too much stuff.

My favorite one of course is becoming “What would someone who loves themselves do?”  Because I don’t have to decide, it’s already decided for me.  It’s one step to easing off the control.  I imagine there will be a point that I don’t even ask that question anymore because the foundation of self-love will be living and thriving in me with the universe taking care of my choices.  Trusting and building a life that is full of ease, joy, laughter and definitely more play and purpose.  Let the hard work go and do light work now.  Your brain and body does plenty for you.  Give it some freedom and let the universe do the work.  You will enjoy the magic as it unfolds.  

It is a matter of time.


“How little we understand
of the gifts we have been given
or the shape of the path
we took to reach our salvation.” 
― Harley KingWhat I Was Meant To Forget

Believe it or not, the world will move on when you are gone.  It won’t sit back and wallow that you are gone.  You will be less then remembered by most and yet, making a difference in the world is so critical.  Even if it’s for mother earth.  Making a difference in how you treat the planet leaves your carbon footprint.  Your choices made for living make a difference for the environment, and for many generations to come.

Did you ever consider what your choices made for your mental well being are and how they leave a “carbon footprint” as well?  To friends, family, people you will never meet or people that you see passing idly by and may never encounter again.

How we choose our moments are important.

What are some things that you do to make a difference?  What are some things that you want to be remembered for?  Please share in the comments.   I think this makes a great discussion.

AND I appreciate any sharing with a friend by posting on Facebook, TWITTER, or Pinterest. I am grateful for your support. xox  This week is very magical with what’s to come.  Many people will benefit from it, so please make an effort to share this.  This will benefit everyone.