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What are you Craving? 5 simple ways to bring balance over the holidays.




“Balance, my darling, is not letting anybody love you less than you love yourself.”

~Elizabeth Gilbert~

This is the time of year where we find ourselves believing we are “supposed to do” for our family, for our friends, for our kids, for our tradition.

What happens when you burn out?  Then what?  Are you overeating sugar? Are you numbing out on the computer or TV?  Or are you just craving something that you can’t put your finger on.

Balance is so important, but for some it becomes another “To Do” on your list of plenty.

So how do you fight the overdoing?  How do you stop and think?  How do you say, “My needs matter? And actually follow through with self-care?”

5 Simple things to knock the cravings down and find joy in your holiday tote.

1) Listen to music that relaxes you.  Subconsciously your body slows down and takes its cues from the environment.

2) Get enough sleep.  Easier said than done.  I am notorious for NOT following this rule.  I am trying though.

3) Avoid eating unnecessary sugar.  It will bring mood swings, keep you up at night, make you feel good only temporarily, put on the holiday pounds.  Instead, ask yourself “what am I craving?”  Listen to what your intuition tells you.  It might surprise you.  It may have nothing to do with food.  It may be craving self-care like a nap or drinking more water.  It may be saying to slow down and breathe.  You won’t know unless you ask.

4)  Say no more often.  Avoid the obligations.  Ask yourself if it brings you joy.  If it doesn’t, then saying no is ok.  Keep your life more simple at this time of the year.  Speeding things up and taking on more only makes you feel less joy.  Look to see what the essence of the holidays brings for you and then declare it.  Is it peace?  Is it joy?  Is it warmth and coziness?  Whatever you’re craving, it will come to you easier when you declare it.

5)  Remember to eat.  Skipping meals because you have so much on your plate starts the train wreck and ends with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.  Or worse, knocking your immune system down and you get run down and begin to feel a cold coming on.  Keep your water intake up, keep your food intake going and you may notice you are looking less for the afternoon pickup and smiling more.

Whatever you find that you are craving, be willing to ask yourself questions.  Blindly running on empty is setting you up for a fall.  This is a special time of year. Give yourself a hug, drink some tea and simplify your day.

Remember no is a complete sentence.

Have a great week.

Love, Shakti xxoo

Wrap Your arms in True Love

“I am in the perfect place relative to everything, even relative to self-love.”

Abraham Hicks

Abraham Hicks on Love and self-love

“Source is loving you with everything that it is and of course it is the quest that you are most wanting to answer and can be the most uncomfortable thing you have not achieved and want to achieve, even moment to moment.

Source wants to say the love you hold for yourself is enough.  It’s the perfect love under the conditions you are living.  It is enough.  Where you are on your path is JUST RIGHT I am right on track.  Source is always patient and loving me.”

Watch and listen to this powerful video and let it be a balm that soothes your soul.  Soothes your heart and listen deeply.  It is speaking directly to you.  Take it inside and hold it in the most precious part of your being and say, I am enough.  I am willing to let this wrap around me as true love is already here.  I haven’t missed anything.  True love is sitting patiently waiting for me to embrace and open to the flow in all that is even moment to moment.

We are all creating a masterpiece.  Let the canvas of your life be filled with joy.  And remember, it is a practice.  Love the process and you have arrived.

Merry Christmas.

xoxo, Shakti



The Gift of Grace


“A wise woman recognizes when her life is out of balance and summons the courage to act to correct it, she knows the meaning of true generosity, happiness is the reward for a life lived in harmony, with a courage and grace.”

Suze Orman


It is a season of crazy busy for everyone around me.  I myself have stopped writing the to do list because it overwhelms me just thinking about all the things to do.  For many of us, we are fighting internally with the need to slow down, but how?  How, when everything and everyone around us have expectations?

Family, coworkers, schools, friends, and our children all have some kind of expectation from us.  Because the imbalance is so out of balance for this month, we need to ask for grace into our life.

So I am offering a gift of grace to all my readers.  I am giving you permission to set healthy boundaries.  I am giving you permission to say no.  I am giving you permission to do only that which feels right inside.  That which “only someone who loves themselves would do”.  I am telling you that you “not doing something” will not end the world.  I say this because I am spending 30% more of my energy into “saving the day”.  And the only reason that I say yes, is because I know that others will not step up to the plate.  So I have to either allow there to be those “holes” or to accept that things will go differently.  Not only is this necessary for me, but I am beginning to see it’s not an option.

However, the “HOW TO” part isn’t so easy.  Words come out of my mouth to say, ‘yes’ I can help before I get to see what just backfired on me.  So, with this gift that I am offering to you, I am offering it to myself as well.

I will say this to you as well.  “It’s not an option” if your plate is beyond full.  Just this morning, a working mom friend of mine with 3 kids said to me that “some days it’s working and other days it’s not, I just want to cry.”  Then she told me that everyone at her work is depressed because we are just all taking on too much.  This is not healthy.  When did perpetual business seep so deep that the entire culture thinks it’s ok to be so out of balance.  For us it begins at Halloween and goes through till Christmas.  I need running shoes…….to catch up with my list.

 Today, take a moment to breathe and say, “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you and all is well.”  Repeat it as often as necessary and then take a breath and ask “Where can I let go of some control?”  Where can I take 15 min to breathe, and do nothing else.  Allow yourself to be inspired.  Allow yourself some time to decide what your expectations are for family so you can set healthy boundaries.   If you don’t, it’s possible  that you might be setting yourself up for those moments that are only bringing further imbalance into your life.

Make this part of your self-care for today.  We all need grace today.  Allow that forgiveness to wash over you like a warm breeze on a summer day.  Slow down, take a breath and say “All is well.”

xoxo,  Shakti

ps- and remember to eat.  🙂

St. Nicholas Day

St Nicholas Day

Yesterday upon leaving my sons childcare, there was a trail of carrots and celery for a horse to come for a treat.  Today my 2 1/2 year old was visited by St. Nicholas and this is the story that his dear caregiver told.  I found it very touching that I thought I’d spread the sweetness on to you.  I did have a photo of my sons slippers with an orange and a golden walnut, however I did a stupid thing this morning.  I accidentally placed the SDcard into the cd slot on my computer.  Boohoo….  and can’t retrieve it without bringing my computer in to get fixed.  It was one of those moments as I saw it slip out of my fingers….and into the wrong spot.

I do hope you enjoy this.  I found it a worthy read.

There was once a good and very kind man called Bishop Nicholas.  He lived in a place far from here.  Kind Bishop Nicholas was especially fond of little children and loved to help them however he could.  One day Kind Bishop Nicholas heard that there was a town where the people did not have enough to eat, even the dear little children.  This saddened him very much so do you know what he did?  Well, he gathered a very large basket and filled it with all sorts of good things to eat.  Apples, pears and oranges and lots of lovely nuts and bags of good flour to make bread with.  Then he called for his strong and beautiful white horse and he loaded the basket on his horse and rode to the town where the people were very hungry.  It was far away and he had to ride for many days.  When at last he arrived it was getting dark and he silently went to the first house and placed fruit, nuts and a bag of good flour on the door step. Then he knocked on the door and rode quietly away. When the little child who lived there opened the door she did not see Kind Bishop Nicholas but what she did see was all the lovely food.  She called to her mother to come and see.  How surprised and grateful they were.  They took the food into their house and they always had enough food to eat after that.  Kind Bishop Nicholas brought food to every house in the town until everyone had enough to eat and then he rode his beautiful white horse back home.

Every year on his birthday Kind Bishop Nicholas once again rides his beautiful white horse from house to house putting good things to eat in the little children’s shoes.  There are many, many towns to visit and so where Kind Bishop Nicholas cannot go he sends one of his many wonderful helpers to go for him. This day we shall put some carrots out for his strong and beautiful white horse and tomorrow morning we shall peep in our slippers to see if indeed he came to our house in the night.

Snip, snap, snout my tale’s told out.