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What if you could Step into “Actualization”?….. AND….What if there were 5 Keys to drive YOUR Success?

Dearest Readers….

It has been my pleasure engaging with many of you that I have authentically connected with.  I am currently choosing to redirect all of my blogs to my website and bring completion to this WordPress account.  It was born from the question I asked for a year and there has been so much change, growth and transformation that I’d like to continue with dialogue, just on my website now.  I am going to give this 1 weeks (July 22) for people to please move over to my new blog home.  I have hundreds of readers on this WordPress page that I can not communicate any other way than through here.  It is my hope and desire that you follow me.  Please join me Shakti’s Blog

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“If your head can hold an image of it, then your hands can hold the reality of it.  If you can visualize it, then you can create it into form.” 

~Bob Proctor~

“Expect a Miracle”

Dreaming your dreams, Becoming your Dreams, Actualizing your Dreams and Living your Dreams is all a process.   As Doreen Virtue stated at the writer’s conference in Maui, I attended this month “It takes 10 years to become an overnight success.”  That being said, you don’t want to back away from living your dreams, you just want to recognize that actualizing and manifesting your dreams take a point of view that require sustainability.  And that work comes with falling in love with your everyday life.  Falling in love with your work, falling in love with your passion and being who you truly BE.  What if stepping into who you truly BE is easier than you thought?  What if being YOU requires less work rather than more?

Does this sound to good to be true?  Does this sound like something that is working for you or against you?  What action steps are you afraid to take?  What action steps are you unwilling to take to make your dreams a reality?  Do you have the drive?  Or are you being driven?

Do you have the passion, as well as the compassion, for yourself and others as you find yourself walking on a different side of the street then everyone else?  What if standing out IS your contribution to the world?

AND What if these 5 Keys could unlock your manifesting power?  Are you willing to break it down and see the path of transformation?  Are you willing to do what it takes to become your dreams?  Or remain the dreamer being dreamed? If you answered YES then grab your keys and let’s go for a drive down Success Lane.

It’s time to take the ACTION in ACT-ualization.

Key 1 Understanding the difference between Manifesting and Actualization.

Key 2 Knowing when to be silent.

Key 3 Co-creating with the universe.

Key 4 Owning your gifts.

Key 5 Being open and letting go of what you think you know.


Opening the doors to the symphony of possibilities.

Key 1, Is there a difference between Manifesting and Actualization?  Yes there is.  Manifesting is working with bringing “thought” and “energy” together and working with the “inner world” of manifesting.  Actualization is the action generated from an idea.  Without the action, you will only have ideas without any completion.  .  Have you ever experienced that before?  I’m sure you have, we all let ideas wash away due to the lack of follow through.  As Bob Proctor says, “If your head can hold an image of it, then your hands can hold the reality of it.  If you can visualize it, then you can create it into form.”

Key 2, As Wayne Dyer so eloquently put it decades ago in his book REAL MAGIC,  “The Secrets sits in the center that knows.”  What is this secret?  This secret is the heart-mind.  The heart- mind knows everything and is removed from the mind-chatter.  Without the silence, music would never be created.  Without the silence, inspired action would never be generated.  Silence IS the “magic” for this key.  Without this magic, you have nothing to generate and create.  Without this moment of inspiration, your ego thinks it knows everything and creates nothing.

Key 3, Co-creating with the universe.  We are in partnership with the universe.  A dance of the heart, where one foot is dancing in the Divine and the other foot is dancing here on earth.  I like to see manifesting as an ethereal aspect of weaving the energies of thought and form into union.  Where as, Intention is the seed planted, where then the energy has to water it and give it life to actualize into a fruit.  Co-creating is a dance between these two places.  The intention is a powerful driver.  Manifesting is a quality of the universe, dancing the pieces together, as the universe orchestrates everything to be perfectly aligned, creating the symphony of possibilities. 

What if it doesn’t feel aligned?  What if there’s dead end after dead end?  Or worse, what if there’s failure and only fear showing up for you?  When this happens, the mind-chatter has disconnected with the heart-mind.  The heart mind IS the driver, not the mind chatter. The head mind only knows past and future stories.  The heart-mind KNOWS awareness and is present to what is in each moment.  If you are confused about the heart-mind  and what it is, then it’s time to take a look at what IS working to realign with those forces.  What’s right about this situation you are not seeing?  What’s right about YOU that you are not getting?  When you feel trapped in the wrongness of who you are, then your tendency will be to remain looking for the evidence to prove you right.

Key 4, Owning your Gifts.  That’s right, without YOU taking the drivers seat and becoming your own expert on what you do and declare as your “gifts”, you will remain stuck in the back seat of your life.  Worse yet, everyone else will be driving you around and you will feel like your life is passing you by.  What if you owned your calling?  What if your path to success starts with you stating the obvious?  And what is the obvious?  The obvious is knowing what your calling is in this moment.  Not 10 years ago.  Not last year, but today.  What is your heart-mind whispering to you today?  Has it been on a broken record?  Or is it new?  Is it clear?  Is it muddled?   What are you here for?  And when do you think you will be ready to take ACTION?

Key 5, Being open and letting go of what you think you know.  In other words, “Expect it when you least expect it.” Or another way of putting it is, “If you think you know, Let it go.”  Life usually ends up not looking the way you have painted it in your mind.  Day dreaming is wonderful and necessary, however when it comes to making your footprints in the actual pavement of “REALITY”  most people will say it was a different experience getting there.   The how we get somewhere is going to be completely on how attached you are to the outcome.  The more you let the outcome create itself from a universal knowing, the more doors of possibilities will open for you.  What if the possibilities of actualizing your dreams really could come true?  What if you could do it with total ease?  What if the fruits of your calling are sweet, delicious and abundant?  Are you willing to choose this?

So what makes stepping into ACT-ion bring about actualization?  There’s momentum in action.  This energy talked about above is a perpetual flow of transmitted energy and is continuously working for you, no matter what.  There’s power in co-creating with the universe.  EVEN if it FEELS like the wrong action.  It’s still action.

Are you willing to choose the ACTION necessary to ripen the fruits of your dreams?  How badly do you wish for your dreams to come true?  How much are you living in the wrong dream and wish to change this?   And what is stopping you?

What if you standing in your greatness was an invitation for the rest of the world to join you?  What if that invitation was the only missing ingredient to actualizing your dreams?  Are you willing to choose your greatness?  Or are you comfortable staying with your wrongness?  Or worse yet, your smallness?  What would happen if you stepped into your dreams and actualize them?  Are you ready to be YOU in the world of possibilities and live your dreams?  If you answered YES, I believe you.  Welcome home!

The Better it Gets, the Better it Gets…..


“I love you. The world is my oyster and my heart is full.”

 The best is yet to come.  I love a good mystery, don’t you?  

From what I hear, the better it gets, the better it gets.

Dancing the dance.

jocelyn rs


Brene Brown’s e-course has been really tough for me.  I feel like I have dropped into some deep deep hooks that are suffocating me and confusing me.  I can only assume this must be expansion because as my husband stated tonight, my questions are different.

I STILL feel like I am looking from the outside in, tapping on the glass and saying how do I get inside?  I have cried a lot this week as well.  I want to believe I am purifying something, but I can not say that.  I do not know.  I only know that I am not enjoying this process much.  I know that asking “What would someone who loves themselves do?”  is very faint and weak right now.  Which is why I believe I must be close if not inside some very deep hooks.

The book Circle of Fire is also being a great resource to keep me afloat too.  I however am SEEING just how much I do NOT love myself, honor myself, and respect myself.  I am afraid to say that it is only now with this course on The Gifts of Imperfection that I am realizing that all the definitions and desires for living a whole-hearted life means a lot of bullshit for me to still overcome.

I may be being a bit hard on myself.  I however, have been very open and honest about a lot of things these last 2 weeks.  With my husband, with myself and with the direction I want to go.  I can see living authentically is a practice.  It is not something that you wake up one day and say, “Here I am!”  I can really see the baby steps and I really believe at this point it is going to be about Self Discovery.

That being said, that’s about as much as I can share right now.  I will update my 6 month challenge on November 5th.  My half way point!  I can say that there will no doubt be a transformation based on this class itself.

The Mastery of Love….an interview with Don Miguel Ruiz


by Diane M. Cooper

Here is just one part of this beautiful interview.  His words ring so true with me that writing my own version of this just doesn’t do it justice.  You can view the whole interview here.  I am excited to read this book.  I haven’t heard of it until today.  

I picked up another one of his books, The Circle of Fire the other day and have found it to be very healing.  He has given me permission to renounce and start anew everyday as if it like the movie Ground Hog Day with Bill Murray.  To be able to understand how to love from a belief that I create is something I am so ready and eager to do.  I feel it in my bones that I am stepping onto another platform.  I’m taking the leap and I am in between and I haven’t landed my feet yet.  BUT I know there is a ground for me to land on and I’m very excited as it is just around the corner.  For now, enjoy his message and if you are ready to take a leap with me, find time to read his book.  It most likely is calling you and saying you are ready to make a change, a change in your view, your beliefs and to write a new love story for yourself.  One that says yes, I do.  


Mastery of Love

Diane: In The Mastery of Love you speak of Awareness as one of the three fundamental masteries that can guide us to our true nature. You say this mastery teaches us to be aware of what we really are. What do you mean by ”what we really are.”

Don Miguel: Most people think they know what they are. We say, I am a human, I am a man or a woman, and we describe all these characteristics based on our beliefs. 

But what has happened is that when we are babies, before knowledge — before we ”know” — everyone tells us what we are. Our mother tells us what we are, and because we are innocent we agree and believe. But what our mother tells us is what she believes about us. And our father projects another image to us, and again we agree. Our brothers, our sisters, the television, all tell us what we are, and we agree. And not just that. They also tell us what we should be but are not. And we believe that also.

We try so hard to become what they want us to be and we practice and practice and practice because we are so afraid of not being good enough for someone else. We are so afraid to be rejected, we are so afraid that they won’t like what we do, the way we dress, the way we talk, the way we eat, what we believe. We try so hard to be somebody that will be accepted wherever we go and finally we try to be accepted by ourselves. We create an image of perfection — a picture of what we believe we should be — but we know we are not that image.

We try so hard to do whatever we can to clear the voice of our internal judge — we try to be perfect for our husband or for our wife, for the teacher, the guru, the religion, knowing that it is not possible. We all are taught to say, ”We are human, and we are not perfect. No one is perfect.”

We are perfect, but we don’t see that. We are not aware of what we really are because our attention is so focused on what we are trying to be.

We hear people say, ”Oh I’m so afraid that the real me will come someday and will destroy everything.” You know, in a way this is true. If the real ”us” comes out, it will destroy all those lies we’ve believed.

When we have the awareness that we are not what we think — this is the first step to recovering what we truly are. And of course practice makes the Master. If we practice, it becomes a way of life. It becomes a habit to always be what we are and not what we want to be — to hear what people really say, not what we want to hear. If we practice, in a short time we will perceive a completely different world — the world as it is, not the way we want or need it to be to satisfy others’ points of view or to satisfy our own lies. If we are what we really are, we don’t have to justify our existence anymore. We don’t need to be ashamed that we are not what they want us to be. Our whole attitude changes.

When we know who we are, we will no longer live our lives in conflict with our parents, our beloved, or our children. Everything becomes so wonderful, because we are no longer afraid to Love. And that is the most precious thing that can happen to anyone — the return to Love. Because when we return to Love, life becomes so wonderful and so beautiful. Everything is so romantic! And we see everything through the eyes of Love. We become so relaxed. And we are no longer afraid to express who we really are and what we want to say. We no longer say yes when we want to say no. We live our lives with integrity again, because we are no longer afraid to be rejected. We don’t need anyone. It’s a wonderful way to live. It will improve every relationship that we have, beginning with the relationship with ourselves.

Then, a romantic relationship becomes a wonderful thing because we are not afraid to be ourselves and ask for what we want. We no longer take anything personally. We no longer have the need to control our beloved or be controlled by them. And we become a teammate — not competing with each other. It is completely different.


If I wasn’t afraid?….


What would you do?

Look here to find out what women around the world are saying.  It will really inspire you.  http://ifuwerentafraid.tumblr.com/

This is a really powerful question, isn’t it?  

If I wasn’t afraid, I would start flying again.  Enjoy traveling again. 
If I wasn’t afraid, I would ride horses.  

If I wasn’t afraid, I would stop running from myself.  I would trust life more.  I would trust people more.  I would allow for more life to be lived inside of me.  

If I wasn’t afraid, I would be vulnerable more often with the right people.
If I wasn’t afraid, I would play and laugh more.

If I wasn’t afraid, I would find my voice and speak when it’s most important.

If I wasn’t afraid, I would change my world.

And that is what I am doing this year with asking myself “What would someone who loves themselves do?”  I am finding my courage, my joy, my laughter, my way through it all so that I can let go and find peace inside.  I am letting myself learn what ease and grace look like.  I am walking the path of least resistance.

Please share in the comments below what you would do.  It might just change your life.

Watch here to learn more about this amazing project.

Please take a moment and share this on FB or Twitter or Pinterest.  This message is for everyone.  Be the messenger pigeon today and spread the love.  Have a great day.



Thoughts become Things….Always REMEMBER this.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny.”

― Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

This is a great short video reminding us, just how awesome we are.

NOW go make some MAGIC!

The new moon is on Oct 5th.  It’s a great time to plant seeds.  It’s also a special moon called The Black Velvet moon.  A lot is going on.  Choose your thoughts wisely!

I step out of my way and RECEIVE magic and miracles in my life today!

To Be Seen



“No matter where you go, there you are.”


The secrets of hiding mean you get to remain hidden.  You don’t allow yourself to become life.  You hide in the shadows, tucked away.  Disappointment and fear drive you.  There is no vehicle that will bring you closer to life then the heart itself.  Waking up the heart is a journey.  Waking up the heart means, waking up your mind.  The two go together.  When there is a relationship between the heart and mind, you begin to unfold the aches and pains that have plagued your human body.  Releases begin, resentments fade and you begin to embrace loving  the journey of loving yourself.

It is a process though.  One that will inevitably bring obstacles.  When this happens, once again you face heart and mind decisions.  Do you follow your beliefs, your thoughts, your outward world?  Or do you begin to listen inward and allow yourself to listen to your heart?

Hearing the sounds and songs of joy bring another layer of waking up.  Excitement starts to penetrate your frozen nature.  Your mind thaws, your fears thaw and you start feeling younger and more spirited.  A gift indeed, but are you dreaming or is it real?  That really is the ultimate question.  Because it really is the ultimate reality that lives in all of us.

Hiding has served a purpose.  There is ALWAYS a positive intention in everything we do.  When you face this, bless that part of you and give a prayer so that positive words and positive actions grow everyday in every way.   I was once told that no miracle is too impossible.  I didn’t believe her.  I thought,  “How is that possible?”  For a) my dad to change or b) for me to live without hiding all the time.  I honestly never imagined myself stepping out and saying I’m becoming more and more comfortable everyday with acceptance of what is, where I am and feeling relief in showing up.  I’m truly touched by my heart awakening.  I never thought it was possible.  I really believed I had to live with this darkness inside my heart.  My soul apparently knew better.  I’m grateful for that.  My heart is truly my biggest asset, both on a physical plain and a spiritual plain.  What a blessing to be here today, I feel spirit continually renewing and redefining me.

Let’s all silently say a prayer together.  One that says, that we all become awakened.  We all accept what is, where we are on our path and look for the miracles that bring these together.

Please take a moment and share this on FB or Twitter or Pinterest.  This message is for everyone.  Be the messenger pigeon today and spread the love.  Have a great day.