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What if you could Step into “Actualization”?….. AND….What if there were 5 Keys to drive YOUR Success?

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“If your head can hold an image of it, then your hands can hold the reality of it.  If you can visualize it, then you can create it into form.” 

~Bob Proctor~

“Expect a Miracle”

Dreaming your dreams, Becoming your Dreams, Actualizing your Dreams and Living your Dreams is all a process.   As Doreen Virtue stated at the writer’s conference in Maui, I attended this month “It takes 10 years to become an overnight success.”  That being said, you don’t want to back away from living your dreams, you just want to recognize that actualizing and manifesting your dreams take a point of view that require sustainability.  And that work comes with falling in love with your everyday life.  Falling in love with your work, falling in love with your passion and being who you truly BE.  What if stepping into who you truly BE is easier than you thought?  What if being YOU requires less work rather than more?

Does this sound to good to be true?  Does this sound like something that is working for you or against you?  What action steps are you afraid to take?  What action steps are you unwilling to take to make your dreams a reality?  Do you have the drive?  Or are you being driven?

Do you have the passion, as well as the compassion, for yourself and others as you find yourself walking on a different side of the street then everyone else?  What if standing out IS your contribution to the world?

AND What if these 5 Keys could unlock your manifesting power?  Are you willing to break it down and see the path of transformation?  Are you willing to do what it takes to become your dreams?  Or remain the dreamer being dreamed? If you answered YES then grab your keys and let’s go for a drive down Success Lane.

It’s time to take the ACTION in ACT-ualization.

Key 1 Understanding the difference between Manifesting and Actualization.

Key 2 Knowing when to be silent.

Key 3 Co-creating with the universe.

Key 4 Owning your gifts.

Key 5 Being open and letting go of what you think you know.


Opening the doors to the symphony of possibilities.

Key 1, Is there a difference between Manifesting and Actualization?  Yes there is.  Manifesting is working with bringing “thought” and “energy” together and working with the “inner world” of manifesting.  Actualization is the action generated from an idea.  Without the action, you will only have ideas without any completion.  .  Have you ever experienced that before?  I’m sure you have, we all let ideas wash away due to the lack of follow through.  As Bob Proctor says, “If your head can hold an image of it, then your hands can hold the reality of it.  If you can visualize it, then you can create it into form.”

Key 2, As Wayne Dyer so eloquently put it decades ago in his book REAL MAGIC,  “The Secrets sits in the center that knows.”  What is this secret?  This secret is the heart-mind.  The heart- mind knows everything and is removed from the mind-chatter.  Without the silence, music would never be created.  Without the silence, inspired action would never be generated.  Silence IS the “magic” for this key.  Without this magic, you have nothing to generate and create.  Without this moment of inspiration, your ego thinks it knows everything and creates nothing.

Key 3, Co-creating with the universe.  We are in partnership with the universe.  A dance of the heart, where one foot is dancing in the Divine and the other foot is dancing here on earth.  I like to see manifesting as an ethereal aspect of weaving the energies of thought and form into union.  Where as, Intention is the seed planted, where then the energy has to water it and give it life to actualize into a fruit.  Co-creating is a dance between these two places.  The intention is a powerful driver.  Manifesting is a quality of the universe, dancing the pieces together, as the universe orchestrates everything to be perfectly aligned, creating the symphony of possibilities. 

What if it doesn’t feel aligned?  What if there’s dead end after dead end?  Or worse, what if there’s failure and only fear showing up for you?  When this happens, the mind-chatter has disconnected with the heart-mind.  The heart mind IS the driver, not the mind chatter. The head mind only knows past and future stories.  The heart-mind KNOWS awareness and is present to what is in each moment.  If you are confused about the heart-mind  and what it is, then it’s time to take a look at what IS working to realign with those forces.  What’s right about this situation you are not seeing?  What’s right about YOU that you are not getting?  When you feel trapped in the wrongness of who you are, then your tendency will be to remain looking for the evidence to prove you right.

Key 4, Owning your Gifts.  That’s right, without YOU taking the drivers seat and becoming your own expert on what you do and declare as your “gifts”, you will remain stuck in the back seat of your life.  Worse yet, everyone else will be driving you around and you will feel like your life is passing you by.  What if you owned your calling?  What if your path to success starts with you stating the obvious?  And what is the obvious?  The obvious is knowing what your calling is in this moment.  Not 10 years ago.  Not last year, but today.  What is your heart-mind whispering to you today?  Has it been on a broken record?  Or is it new?  Is it clear?  Is it muddled?   What are you here for?  And when do you think you will be ready to take ACTION?

Key 5, Being open and letting go of what you think you know.  In other words, “Expect it when you least expect it.” Or another way of putting it is, “If you think you know, Let it go.”  Life usually ends up not looking the way you have painted it in your mind.  Day dreaming is wonderful and necessary, however when it comes to making your footprints in the actual pavement of “REALITY”  most people will say it was a different experience getting there.   The how we get somewhere is going to be completely on how attached you are to the outcome.  The more you let the outcome create itself from a universal knowing, the more doors of possibilities will open for you.  What if the possibilities of actualizing your dreams really could come true?  What if you could do it with total ease?  What if the fruits of your calling are sweet, delicious and abundant?  Are you willing to choose this?

So what makes stepping into ACT-ion bring about actualization?  There’s momentum in action.  This energy talked about above is a perpetual flow of transmitted energy and is continuously working for you, no matter what.  There’s power in co-creating with the universe.  EVEN if it FEELS like the wrong action.  It’s still action.

Are you willing to choose the ACTION necessary to ripen the fruits of your dreams?  How badly do you wish for your dreams to come true?  How much are you living in the wrong dream and wish to change this?   And what is stopping you?

What if you standing in your greatness was an invitation for the rest of the world to join you?  What if that invitation was the only missing ingredient to actualizing your dreams?  Are you willing to choose your greatness?  Or are you comfortable staying with your wrongness?  Or worse yet, your smallness?  What would happen if you stepped into your dreams and actualize them?  Are you ready to be YOU in the world of possibilities and live your dreams?  If you answered YES, I believe you.  Welcome home!

Breathing….Oxygen fuels the mind and spirit!


What is inspiration? It is being in spirit. What is bringing in the spirit? It is your breath. Breathing is taken for granted. It literally is something we can do without thinking. We can do it in our sleep, in a coma and even when we are in panic.

It won’t be the first time you forget that this is one of the most important aspects of living. Without breath, we can not live. Without living, we are dead. However, what level of living are you expecting in your life? Treading water? Suffocating? Thriving? Are you happy with the level of life support you sustain in right now?

What forms the breath? It is a subtle kind of wind that moves through us. Consciousness is another form of wind that moves through us until we die and then passes out of our bodies. Does that mean our breath is consciousness? Does that mean breathing literally is the aspect of who we are? Are they inseparable?

Now, let’s look at wind. What is wind? It is an element of energy and force that come together to make movement. Wind is no different then our breath. What is moving the wind? It’s another subtle form of energy that I suspect matches that of consciousness. So does that mean, the winds around us are alive? Does it mean that all forms of consciousness are surrounding us? We are therefore existing in a vortex (or a hologram) of subtle energies that move outside, inside, and literally in a secret form of all that is.

What does this have to do with life? Breath? Living? It means that every level of being, exists in some kind of consciousness. Therefore, every action you take is measured in some aspect of consequences. Karmic seeds are planted on every realm of existence. This literally creates your life.

You are born from consciousness. A seed grows through the energy and forces of subtle winds and creates a human. That energy is connected to you at every level of your being. In that observation, allow yourself to live consciously. Allow yourself to become the winds of reality. Let life move you in the direction you are meant to grow. There isn’t any need to resist what is.

Just like in nature, life grows naturally. Resistance doesn’t exist. Energy flows around and allows nature to just exist in a state of natural bliss. Haven’t you noticed when you are in nature, you get fueled by “oxygen” and “inspired” by nature’s presence. At the top of a mountain, you gain vast perspective and are fueled with greater awareness in spirit and in consciousness.

By a bubbling brook, or a water fall, you are filled with energy. You are filled with “life”. You are filled with renewal (which oxygen brings us in great quantities).

Walking in a meadow of flowers, a garden, a rainbow of colors. All healing aspects filling your visual, your sensory of smell and allowing your body to align with the natural energies of life. We find we relax more, we are at peace more and we can allow ourselves to just rest in our natural state. Oxygen is a powerful form of healing, because it is a form of consciousness.

All these levels of consciousness help us be alive. They help us align back to our natural state of bliss. When the stress of life is catching you in a mouse trap, look for the winds of all kinds. Look to see where your consciousness can be fueled.

Your mind and your spirit are what sustain the body. Without these forms of winds, we would be dead. These are what keep us going. How do you want to sustain them? How do you want to move in life? Find ways to keep allowing yourself to open and remain balanced so spirit can continue to live inside in ways that bring expansion, awareness, growth, bliss and inspiration.

You never know what the subtle winds are calling you to do. Someone once said, “If today was the first day of the rest of your life, what would you choose to be?” Make it the most important day of your life, because it is literally the only day of your life. Today is now. Tomorrow is not here, and yesterday is already gone and too late to be something else, since you have already planted those karmic seeds.

All these seeds lie dormant until the ripening of them occur. And you never know which life time they will sprout.

Feed your mind spirit. Drink it in like an elixir. Be inspired as often as you can and fuel your mind. It literally is what is keeping you alive right now. Breath is your master. Breath is your life force. Make a difference in your life today. Live magically, live consciously and allow yourself to live with love inside. Divine love surrounds you in the vast world of all that is. What more can we ask for? It seems like bliss is already here, just allow it.

The Remarkable Forces of Nature


In the beginning of time, nature was just a force of what is. It truly is energy and it remains just that. But nature has evolved with evolution and man intertwining. The realms of what is and what was “appear” different. Ultimately the separation of the two remain the same.

What makes the forces of nature so profound? Is it that we can’t see it? Or understand it? Or is it that we deeply know it internally and choose to not be part of it. Are we scared to be that powerful? Choosing to deny our own forces is choosing to avoid this universal truth of energy.

We are all made up of energy. We are all thought forms. We have made this agreement to dance with both and manifest as humans into what we perceive as relative truth. Our nature of minds live in both worlds. One eye seeing above and one eye seeing below. Each time we separate these two aspects, we observe separation.

If we choose to allow them to live comfortably together, we will enjoy moments where we can see the union of these two living and breathing together. Being able to experience a “Oneness” so to speak. The illusion of separation no longer exists for we are in union with all that is.

We are in union with the universal truths of energy and thought forms. Decide which world you want to breath in. Your life will reflect it.

Suffering is living an illusion of separation of all that is. Miracles are living a moment of oneness with all that is. They ARE the same coin. Flipping it will not matter. Allow your eyes to see through that even the coin is an illusion and that ultimately we are all forces of nature.

What choice did you make today? What would someone who loves themselves choose?

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