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What if you could Step into “Actualization”?….. AND….What if there were 5 Keys to drive YOUR Success?

Dearest Readers….

It has been my pleasure engaging with many of you that I have authentically connected with.  I am currently choosing to redirect all of my blogs to my website and bring completion to this WordPress account.  It was born from the question I asked for a year and there has been so much change, growth and transformation that I’d like to continue with dialogue, just on my website now.  I am going to give this 1 weeks (July 22) for people to please move over to my new blog home.  I have hundreds of readers on this WordPress page that I can not communicate any other way than through here.  It is my hope and desire that you follow me.  Please join me Shakti’s Blog

If you are on my email list for receiving posts, please visit there as well and sign up to get them.  I look forward to growing with all of you.  As I said earlier, I have many ideas for what I’d like to do, I just need open dialogue with you to see if that’s something you’d like too.

xoxo, Shakti


“If your head can hold an image of it, then your hands can hold the reality of it.  If you can visualize it, then you can create it into form.” 

~Bob Proctor~

“Expect a Miracle”

Dreaming your dreams, Becoming your Dreams, Actualizing your Dreams and Living your Dreams is all a process.   As Doreen Virtue stated at the writer’s conference in Maui, I attended this month “It takes 10 years to become an overnight success.”  That being said, you don’t want to back away from living your dreams, you just want to recognize that actualizing and manifesting your dreams take a point of view that require sustainability.  And that work comes with falling in love with your everyday life.  Falling in love with your work, falling in love with your passion and being who you truly BE.  What if stepping into who you truly BE is easier than you thought?  What if being YOU requires less work rather than more?

Does this sound to good to be true?  Does this sound like something that is working for you or against you?  What action steps are you afraid to take?  What action steps are you unwilling to take to make your dreams a reality?  Do you have the drive?  Or are you being driven?

Do you have the passion, as well as the compassion, for yourself and others as you find yourself walking on a different side of the street then everyone else?  What if standing out IS your contribution to the world?

AND What if these 5 Keys could unlock your manifesting power?  Are you willing to break it down and see the path of transformation?  Are you willing to do what it takes to become your dreams?  Or remain the dreamer being dreamed? If you answered YES then grab your keys and let’s go for a drive down Success Lane.

It’s time to take the ACTION in ACT-ualization.

Key 1 Understanding the difference between Manifesting and Actualization.

Key 2 Knowing when to be silent.

Key 3 Co-creating with the universe.

Key 4 Owning your gifts.

Key 5 Being open and letting go of what you think you know.


Opening the doors to the symphony of possibilities.

Key 1, Is there a difference between Manifesting and Actualization?  Yes there is.  Manifesting is working with bringing “thought” and “energy” together and working with the “inner world” of manifesting.  Actualization is the action generated from an idea.  Without the action, you will only have ideas without any completion.  .  Have you ever experienced that before?  I’m sure you have, we all let ideas wash away due to the lack of follow through.  As Bob Proctor says, “If your head can hold an image of it, then your hands can hold the reality of it.  If you can visualize it, then you can create it into form.”

Key 2, As Wayne Dyer so eloquently put it decades ago in his book REAL MAGIC,  “The Secrets sits in the center that knows.”  What is this secret?  This secret is the heart-mind.  The heart- mind knows everything and is removed from the mind-chatter.  Without the silence, music would never be created.  Without the silence, inspired action would never be generated.  Silence IS the “magic” for this key.  Without this magic, you have nothing to generate and create.  Without this moment of inspiration, your ego thinks it knows everything and creates nothing.

Key 3, Co-creating with the universe.  We are in partnership with the universe.  A dance of the heart, where one foot is dancing in the Divine and the other foot is dancing here on earth.  I like to see manifesting as an ethereal aspect of weaving the energies of thought and form into union.  Where as, Intention is the seed planted, where then the energy has to water it and give it life to actualize into a fruit.  Co-creating is a dance between these two places.  The intention is a powerful driver.  Manifesting is a quality of the universe, dancing the pieces together, as the universe orchestrates everything to be perfectly aligned, creating the symphony of possibilities. 

What if it doesn’t feel aligned?  What if there’s dead end after dead end?  Or worse, what if there’s failure and only fear showing up for you?  When this happens, the mind-chatter has disconnected with the heart-mind.  The heart mind IS the driver, not the mind chatter. The head mind only knows past and future stories.  The heart-mind KNOWS awareness and is present to what is in each moment.  If you are confused about the heart-mind  and what it is, then it’s time to take a look at what IS working to realign with those forces.  What’s right about this situation you are not seeing?  What’s right about YOU that you are not getting?  When you feel trapped in the wrongness of who you are, then your tendency will be to remain looking for the evidence to prove you right.

Key 4, Owning your Gifts.  That’s right, without YOU taking the drivers seat and becoming your own expert on what you do and declare as your “gifts”, you will remain stuck in the back seat of your life.  Worse yet, everyone else will be driving you around and you will feel like your life is passing you by.  What if you owned your calling?  What if your path to success starts with you stating the obvious?  And what is the obvious?  The obvious is knowing what your calling is in this moment.  Not 10 years ago.  Not last year, but today.  What is your heart-mind whispering to you today?  Has it been on a broken record?  Or is it new?  Is it clear?  Is it muddled?   What are you here for?  And when do you think you will be ready to take ACTION?

Key 5, Being open and letting go of what you think you know.  In other words, “Expect it when you least expect it.” Or another way of putting it is, “If you think you know, Let it go.”  Life usually ends up not looking the way you have painted it in your mind.  Day dreaming is wonderful and necessary, however when it comes to making your footprints in the actual pavement of “REALITY”  most people will say it was a different experience getting there.   The how we get somewhere is going to be completely on how attached you are to the outcome.  The more you let the outcome create itself from a universal knowing, the more doors of possibilities will open for you.  What if the possibilities of actualizing your dreams really could come true?  What if you could do it with total ease?  What if the fruits of your calling are sweet, delicious and abundant?  Are you willing to choose this?

So what makes stepping into ACT-ion bring about actualization?  There’s momentum in action.  This energy talked about above is a perpetual flow of transmitted energy and is continuously working for you, no matter what.  There’s power in co-creating with the universe.  EVEN if it FEELS like the wrong action.  It’s still action.

Are you willing to choose the ACTION necessary to ripen the fruits of your dreams?  How badly do you wish for your dreams to come true?  How much are you living in the wrong dream and wish to change this?   And what is stopping you?

What if you standing in your greatness was an invitation for the rest of the world to join you?  What if that invitation was the only missing ingredient to actualizing your dreams?  Are you willing to choose your greatness?  Or are you comfortable staying with your wrongness?  Or worse yet, your smallness?  What would happen if you stepped into your dreams and actualize them?  Are you ready to be YOU in the world of possibilities and live your dreams?  If you answered YES, I believe you.  Welcome home!

Cultivating Love – 8 steps for creating Magic


This is exactly what humanity needs right now. We need lots of people inspiring others. We share our stories to help others lift up. This is good, but sometimes the people falling, or those that are stuck need more than a lift. They need more than a story. They need a rope. Sometimes a really long rope. They feel helpless, hopeless, lost or really stuck. Telling someone “to practice gratitude will change your life” isn’t everyones fix. Sometimes those that are stuck need help getting to a place just to allow gratitude before they can experience it.

I was one of those people. Suffering feels so isolating at times that seeing the forest through the trees doesn’t happen. Being stuck sucks. I read that today on someones blog title and said, “Yup, I’ve been there.” Being stuck does suck because it isn’t clear how to get unstuck. There were years where I would say “Why do these things just keep happening to me.” “Why can’t I find a job?, Why can’t I have a healthy relationship? Why don’t I have any money? Why do people treat me so poorly? Why am I a people pleaser? Why don’t people listen to me? Why am I misunderstood all the time?” There are many factors that create stuckness. There are so many interdependency factors involved, but to keep things simple, let’s see one at a time. You might feel stuck in a job you hate, stuck in a relationship that isn’t going anywhere, stuck in a family that doesn’t nurture you, stuck in a life that feels like a prison, stuck in a city that doesn’t support you or maybe you are stuck with no money and can’t find work.

It may feel like quicksand consuming you. It can feel paralyzing, or it can feel debilitating. Whatever has made you so stuck, it’s time to free yourself. You get to be the master in your life now and choose to look for a new way of doing something. You get to be the conductor. It’s time to create movement from inertia keeping you bound and tied down. Remaining stuck “IS NO LONGER AN OPTION!” What would someone who loves themselves do? They would care. They would take action. They embrace themselves.  They are willing to risk being vulnerable.

Here are 8 steps to create magic and to get unstuck.

1)  Acknowledge you are stuck.   It IS the key to getting unstuck.  Seriously, say outloud “I am stuck”  OWN your stuckness.  Do it with style.  Do it with laughter.  Do it with pizzazz.  I don’t care how you do it….but do it!

2) Write an allowing journal. Allow yourself to get unstuck. Allow yourself movement. Allow the feelings to be ok. Allow yourself to fee what you are avoiding. Allow good in your life. Allow freedom in your life. Allow joy and happiness. Allow a life worth living. Allow forgiveness. Allow inner peace. Allow yourself to make changes and most importantly allow yourself love.

3) See yourself as a big person, not a victim. Empower yourself. You are conducting your life now. You are only here because of a thought you believed about yourself. You are now allowing yourself to have new thoughts. You are now making new choices. Do NOT believe everything you think. This becomes a trap. You are here with millions of people that have been in your shoes or similar shoes. There is room for everyone to make new and different choices to become unstuck. This is another important step. Ask your adult self for help. Ask your higher self for help. Ask the universe for help. Ask God for help. Ask spirit for help. Say I am ready for change.

4) Cultivate Love. You are creating a garden (your garden). You need seeds. What seeds do you want to plant? Seeds of love, joy, happiness, generosity, patience, etc… You need space to grow it. You need water, fertilizer, sunshine, patience, etc… Now one of the most important thing all gardens need is to pull the weeds that grow. It is essential for the healthy plants to not be suffocated by weeds. Our thoughts are no different. Pulling the weeds of self doubt, not being good enough, not deserving, all the negative self talk will smother any healthy growth and we will be unable to see progress. We want the seeds of possibilities to flourish and grow. I want you to be your own witness to this miracle. It will happen. It is the joy of gardening. To harvest our food we grow. To enjoy the beauty of the flowers we grow. Love is the same. We want to cultivate it (hold it precious to ourselves) so we can allow it to rise up within and touch the lives of those around us…including ourselves.

5) Make a vision board and set an intention. Another KEY piece here. Your intention is your seed. Your intention creates your new changes to come. Making a vision board helps visually see it so you can “feel how good it will feel” when it comes. Feeling is half the equation here. Have a stack of magazines. Think of an intention, and then cut away. Don’t think about what you are cutting, just cut words, pictures, photos and set them aside. Then on a big piece of paper glue them together in a way that your intuition guides you. You can even put a date on it. Sign it with your signature. The universe wants to know it’s yours. Put a dab of saliva on it….this is your DNA signature.

6) Believe in yourself. What positive things can your write down about yourself? Write down 10 things that are positive. Do it! (I can see you coming up with excuses already).

7) Make a list of 100 things you want. (Is it a job, a career, a home, a lover, a friend, a car, a horse, a dog…) Whatever it is you need/want make this list. Don’t skimp on details. The universe does fabulous with details. The more the better and the clearer you get. If you are doing this with a husband, a partner, etc…it brings clarity for both of you to get on the same page and understand each other. Now, make a list of 50 things you have to offer. This is an incredible exercise to do.

8) Sit back and watch the miracle happen in your life. Watch the magic. You just created the remedy to get unstuck. I dare you to try it. It is impossible to fail. It is a very powerful method. DO NOT SKIP ANY STEPS….(If you do, I will know….hee hee)

Your life matters. Go give it meaning and purpose, so others will recieve your gifts you have to offer. You have everything for humanity to thrive. It’s all inside you when you cultivate love. You never know who’s life will be touched by your story. It may just be the rope to help pull someone out of their suffering. Humanity needs all of us to show up. Hands held out across the world.

With deepest gratitude, I wish you everything you desire to get unstuck. I believe in you. You have everything you need to create your own magic.

Please help others.  Share this link on Facebook, twitter, email it to friends.  I know what it’s like to be really stuck.  I have found a formula to get unstuck.  If you really want to help someone who’s ready to make changes, share this link.  Thank you.  I have nothing to gain here, it’s just my aspiration to help people.



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May 5th, my 1 year anniversary

photo 1-01

 “Becoming Myself”

“It’s never too late to become who you were meant to be.”


Isn’t this what started it all?  Isn’t this where I was heading, without even knowing it?  Well, actually it was, “What is self-love?”.   But then it became about “It’s never too late to become who you were meant to be.”  Becoming authentic, doing what someone who loves themselves does, that is learning how to be yourself.  In a world of “What do other people think?”, this is not the path of least resistance.  In a world of idealism, a world of conforming, in a world of what others do and think and believe, sitting in the circle of “being yourself” feels like the lion is going to eat you up.

Fortunately, having asked myself “What would someone who loves themselves do?” for a year is one way to strengthen that inner demon of “What will other’s think.”  In fact, asking that question set me up to actually do between 6,000-10,000 loving acts towards myself in one year.  How many of you can think of 1 or 2 acts of loving things you did today, never mind over a year.

This question instills a habit, a very intense habit.  And this is necessary because to change a habit, you must make changes that allow for the possibility of changes to be made.  One can not be timid to look destiny in the eye.  One must find strength and the only way to find strength is through taking action repetitively.  Repetition is the only way we will make the changes necessary for “Real Change” to be formed in a short amount of time.  If you want to learn a foreign language, then you must practice it.  Self-love for so many of us, IS a foreign language.  Therefore, practicing, is a must.  And how does one do that?

By starting, and then following the path it takes you.  Your path will look different from mine.  Every individual on the planet will have a different path, but it will always lead us to the same place… Wholehearted living.

What is really amazing to me is that it really is never too late to become yourself.  Even if it’s the last breath you take, if you take that breath knowing exactly who you are and how to be yourself….then you are home.  You get the golden prize.  To me that is a miracle to celebrate.

Enjoy my video.  10 min to capture a year doesn’t do it justice, but it gives the highlights and it definitely reveals what is coming next.  So make sure you watch it through to the end.  I don’t want you to miss out on what’s coming around the corner.  June 1st is the day I am going live with it.  Let’s cross fingers it’s ready.  🙂

Watch me here!



Aligning with Ones Purpose

Welcome Spring

Magic is in the air.  Answered prayers, as my therapist is saying, creating miracles for me.

In the wake of my life, I am always amazed how these moments that I call “aligning with my purpose” show up.   I never know when they are going to happen, but they do happen and when they do, It FEELS AMAZING.  I feel complete.  I feel like my life is absolutely amazing and that I am very lucky.

I think the connection to source or truth brings us that experience of alignment.  As I continue with my “What would someone who loves themself do?” daily asking, I find that my life flows really well now.  The question is back (fully) and why it left for a few months is beyond my understanding.  I went deep into some heavy purification and the clarity was just unavailable.  Or perhaps when one is cocooning, there isn’t any outside access and I was really just having to work with all the stuff that came up for me.  And of course, being a snake year, there has to be a shedding the skin that happens.  So perhaps that explains something.

I am currently in my new skin and LOVING what is being created.  I am focused with much purpose and responsibility with where I am heading and what I want to make of myself in life.  After all, isn’t that what started this mission.  To become who I have always believed I am meant to be.  And so walking in my authenticity is feeling safer and stronger.  I am still a baby, but the crawling phase is a lot more fun then not moving at all.  New Beginnings are everywhere.

With that in mind, I want to share one of my new beginnings that has created itself.  I am very excited to share my artwork in a way that you (my readers) have access to enjoy it in your homes and offices, or perhaps even gift them.  My artist website was recently born a few weeks ago.  I have both photographs and artwork (watercolor and mixed media).  You can buy prints of all sizes, buy them on canvas, metal, acrylic and even print them on different papers (including watercolor paper).  You can get gift cards and even iPhone cases for some of the images.  It is VERY fun for me to see my artwork like this.  I even want to buy!  LOL  Just so I can cover my walls.  Some of the originals are for sale and will be mentioned if available.

Please Visit:

Shakti’s Soul Expressions

In honor of the Spring Equinox, I am promoting a special one time offer limited offer for this print above on this page titled “Welcome Spring.

 View here to see my SPECIAL.  (expires 3/26/14 @ 8pm)

As a gift to you, I am offering a 15% discount for the first 48 hours from today.  This is for ALL of my paintings.

Please use coupon code: ZYYBGG

When checking out, you will have a place to enter it.  Fine Arts America will ship ANYWHERE in the world.  Yup…it’s available to you anywhere you live, so please find a print that calls to you and buy it.  Each painting has a vibration that adds to any space the joy and delight it brings.

Please share this with everyone you know.  Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and email.  What makes me so happy about it is that I feel like it allows me to really share a part of me with you.

The next few surprises will be coming very soon.  I have been incredibly lucky to feel so much purpose in my life.  Of course, we all know that “Luck” is really all about application and doing the work.  The unfolding of 2014 has been revealing itself to me recently and I can see just how much work I have done to get here.  My foundation of self-love is clearly being built.  

Magic and Miracles…..xoxo, Shakti

Worthiness and Perfectionism….


Yes, I am going to be stringing this subject along for a while. It’s just too good to pass up. Today I watched the live Q & A session from Brene Brown’s Part 1 class and she shared something that just hit the hammer on the nail. This is for everyone and I thought I would share it.

She was talking about how to cultivate and set healthy boundaries. A topic that we all are challenged with.

Worthiness – is about alignment with our values, authenticity and being in our own skin. We can’t cultivate worth without boundaries. Therefore, we must do the work. And what is the work? It’s practicing it. It’s learning how bad we are at doing this until we get it right. It’s being imperfect at it while we do our best believing we are worthy and important.

Perfectionism – If I look perfect, live perfect, and do it all perfect, I can avoid shame, judgment and criticism.

It’s a way that we protect ourselves from hurt.

This is so powerful because this is obviously how I think. (And I am an out of the box person so you can only imagine how my mind carries all this). Brene continued, “what leads us into this idea is that we believe we can save ourselves from being hurt AND therefore we believe we can make ourselves more loveable.”

BUT we can’t avoid it, these are human experiences. So rather than perfectionism saving us, we carry it around like a 20 ton shield. And it keeps us from being seen.

So really, this is like a 12 step meeting. Hi my name is Shakti and I am a perfectionist. I believe that how I live is really about protecting myself so I don’t have to worry about being shamed, judged or criticized.  And in so doing, I believe I am protecting myself from getting hurt.  (When really I am just snuffing out the joy in my life).

And to make it even more spot on, it really is all about what other people think, so I am lovable.

How’s it working for me?  Not good.  

So the solution of practicing boundaries is a whole other thing.  When I do practice boundaries, I think I become a boundary bully and overshoot them making people mad at me. Or worse,  I do a terrible job and clean it up with pleasing. Oh the drama in my head.

I know you all can relate to this. I am just speaking it out loud. The being lovable part for me was such a deep need growing up that I think I always carry it around in my personality.  Especially, because I believed I wasn’t loved in my family for so long growing up, I have spent a lifetime seeking that lovability.  But what I am realizing is you can’t buy lovability outside of yourself.   I believe we are all inherently lovable.  We just have to believe it.  We have to let go our limiting beliefs so we can receive what is already existing within our authenticity.  

And this is why it’s called “Growing Pains”.  

And this is where the magic lives.  

Heartfelt Beauty


UPDATE:  Ok, because of this post, I believe the promotional phone call I got from the Seattle Symphony today was a gift or a thank you for appreciating my post.  🙂  I just purchased a really great gift for my husband.  However, he had to know about it before I could give it to him because it required him helping me pick out the concerts.  I officially will be seeing at least 5 more symphonies between now and July.  That was a sweet moment.

What I wanted to share however was this youtube I found of this Tchaikovsky quartet.  It is as best a recording that I have found that matches the heart driving the music similar to what we heard.   I just am in love with this piece.  Listen Here.  It’s exciting to hear it again.  Enjoy.

It wasn’t that long ago that I felt lost to the beauty around me.  The cloak of fall rest deep on my chest.  Then with the excessive nature of busyness, birthdays and holidays, once again I found the noose around my sense of beauty strangling those moments that meant something as well.

However, last night I had a moment where I could really sit and open, and even witness the magic of great beauty.  I was one of the lucky ones last night to see the holiday performance at the Seattle Symphony.  Emma McGrath , a brilliant violinist graced the stage with her essence.  She is currently one of  Seattle symphony associate Concertmaster.  She is a young woman, and has performed all around the world (China, Russia, Israel, Malaysia, UK, Europe and all around the US).   At age 10, she began her debut on stage.

The Second piece of the night was Tchaikovsky’s Souvenir de Florence, Op. 70.  Much to our surprise it was a sextet.  The dance of the 2 cellos, 2 violas and 2 violins graced the hall with majesty.  It felt as if they were channeling Tchaikovsky and performing with such intimacy, delighted the crowd with a roaring cheer breaking the trance they were seduced into.

It was profound.  Emma’s gifts transcended as I was so moved with her ability to make her violin sing, as if it were an extension from her throat.  It was astonishing.  My heart was truly filled with great beauty.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, we then listened to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.  With a small chamber assemble (approximately 16 musicians), that enchanted us as Vivaldi’s world came alive and painted a colorful piece full of passion, whispers, dancing and bountiful joy.

It will be one of my symphonic memories I will always remember.

Only when it’s dark, can we see the light.

cave ocean view

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.



How true is that?  When we are around our light, we are living in it.  We vibrate it.  We don’t know about anything else.  It’s only when we are in darkness do we seek the light.  How many of you have found the confusion, the tears and the sadness so full of darkness only to have opened up to a whole new view of clarity after the storm passes.  

I once was told that when a fire burns through the woods, when it has passed, you are left with a huge clearing.  Somehow that resonated with me and whenever I find myself crying a lot, I tell myself that the fire that burns through will bring me incredible clarity.  Brighter eyes.  

For some of us, we are heading into the darkest days of the year.    The light we aim to see is our own.   We are seeking the warmth, the nature of our best selves to illuminate those around us.  The holiday seasons can be some of our favorite holidays and for others it can be our loneliest time of year.  Watching others have what we don’t have or what we desperately seek.  

We are surrounded by warmth and lights though.  We are all reaching out to one another in ways with bringing our illuminated self to our community.  Think about how much we are offering to those around us.  Generosity with spirit, generosity with warmth (home or food), generosity of helping others (any altruistic effort) and generosity with love.  We are filled with more gratitude, more joy and more love.  Share it and open your hearts to those that you may not reach out too much.  Whether it is family or friends.  

Bless everyone around you.  When we do this, we in turn get the blessings as well.  

There are  many turning points right now for me.  As I walk into my 7 months tomorrow, I am in awe of just how much effort has gone into this journey.  My update will be rich and full of story.  Stay tuned…. 🙂

I am very grateful to all those that are following my blog and have found some kind of inspiring words. Share the love and inspiration with your friends on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.  Thank you.