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What are you Craving? 5 simple ways to bring balance over the holidays.




“Balance, my darling, is not letting anybody love you less than you love yourself.”

~Elizabeth Gilbert~

This is the time of year where we find ourselves believing we are “supposed to do” for our family, for our friends, for our kids, for our tradition.

What happens when you burn out?  Then what?  Are you overeating sugar? Are you numbing out on the computer or TV?  Or are you just craving something that you can’t put your finger on.

Balance is so important, but for some it becomes another “To Do” on your list of plenty.

So how do you fight the overdoing?  How do you stop and think?  How do you say, “My needs matter? And actually follow through with self-care?”

5 Simple things to knock the cravings down and find joy in your holiday tote.

1) Listen to music that relaxes you.  Subconsciously your body slows down and takes its cues from the environment.

2) Get enough sleep.  Easier said than done.  I am notorious for NOT following this rule.  I am trying though.

3) Avoid eating unnecessary sugar.  It will bring mood swings, keep you up at night, make you feel good only temporarily, put on the holiday pounds.  Instead, ask yourself “what am I craving?”  Listen to what your intuition tells you.  It might surprise you.  It may have nothing to do with food.  It may be craving self-care like a nap or drinking more water.  It may be saying to slow down and breathe.  You won’t know unless you ask.

4)  Say no more often.  Avoid the obligations.  Ask yourself if it brings you joy.  If it doesn’t, then saying no is ok.  Keep your life more simple at this time of the year.  Speeding things up and taking on more only makes you feel less joy.  Look to see what the essence of the holidays brings for you and then declare it.  Is it peace?  Is it joy?  Is it warmth and coziness?  Whatever you’re craving, it will come to you easier when you declare it.

5)  Remember to eat.  Skipping meals because you have so much on your plate starts the train wreck and ends with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.  Or worse, knocking your immune system down and you get run down and begin to feel a cold coming on.  Keep your water intake up, keep your food intake going and you may notice you are looking less for the afternoon pickup and smiling more.

Whatever you find that you are craving, be willing to ask yourself questions.  Blindly running on empty is setting you up for a fall.  This is a special time of year. Give yourself a hug, drink some tea and simplify your day.

Remember no is a complete sentence.

Have a great week.

Love, Shakti xxoo


Peace is the essence of happiness,

And that essence is the true nature of being.

May the absolute truth, the Dharma,

Radiate the blessings of peace to this universe

And in the ten directions throughout all time.  

May all beings live in the limitless light of loving kindness,

compassion, joy, and universal oneness.

May today and everyday, you receive the blessings of the universal truth

And  the perfect spiritual companions.  

(Written by Chime Rinpoche)

Enjoy your day.

Love Shakti

I Love you so


Deep inside,

          My light within,

                    Seeking to be seen.

                                Sparks create a fire.

                                         Burning brightly.

                                                           Bubbling up.

Have a happy solstice.  PS…there’s an update on my last blog post for those that haven’t seen it.

PPS- This is a painting I did this week.  I’ve been painting almost everyday.  It’s almost always these colors in some form.  My light is burning bright and I love seeing it come out on paper.  It brings me much joy.

Copyright 2013. © December. All rights reserved on all original words and photos.

Oh so pleasant or Oh so smart?


Remember in the movie Harvey?  This is such a great line.  When Elwood P. Dow ( Jimmy Stuart) says do you want to be “Oh so smart?”  or “Oh so pleasant?”  Which matters to you more.

Being kind to someone or being right?

There was a time in my life where it matter to be “oh so smart”.  I think we can all identify with this.  A need to be right.  A need to be better or bigger than someone.  Did it make a difference in someones day though, probably not.  But when you make an effort to be kind, pleasant or loving, just think about the ripple effect it makes for everyone you meet.  That is a true gift you can give someone.

Opportunities are everywhere to be kind.  Give it a go.  That’s making magic in your life today.



Believing in Myself…nature’s gift

quote 12

Lift the head high.

Open your eyes and look inside.

Perhaps you do not see what I see.

Perhaps you are blinded by ignorance.

Lift the head high.

Open your eyes and look inside.

Breathe, Relax, Trust, Open


Instead of closing down, lift your head high 

and believe you are safe.  There is only

beauty, sunshine and greatness.  Magic sits

inside and you are the creator of Glory, Joy and Great LOVE.


Breathe, Relax, Trust, Open

Letting in great hopes and dreams become your new reality.  

In gratitude and faith your heart lives and breathes such joy.

Let today be lived as if it were your best day ever.

Then do it again and again and again.

Copyright 2013.  September…all rights reserved.

Please take a moment and share this on FB or Twitter or Pinterest.  This message is for everyone.  Be the messenger pigeon today and spread the love.  Have a great day.

Aim high if you wish to plant seeds of compassion


Let it be said the wish fulfilling peace is inside.

Like the million stars glittering in the dark of the night.

Let the hope and prayers for all beings to be free from suffering be wished upon as magic and miracles as each star shines for each sentient being, bringing peace to all.

Let there be a song sung in the spirit of all that is.  A song that ignites faith, passion and springs life into awakening the heart.

Shakti Chionis 6/24/13

Copyright © June 2013  All Rights Reserved.

Being Brave


Being brave, it’s never the same way twice.  Once we try it, one might think that we know how to be strong and resilient in the world.  It’s just not something we are taught.  I believe it’s something that comes through us as long as we feel a sense of commitment in the world.  I don’t know how many times I have heard from people, “you are the strongest person I know”.  I have never known what to do with that comment.  I can’t say I feel strong, but then I think what is it that I must be doing.  The only thing I can think of is, I am showing up.  I am not giving up.  Loving oneself or working it out so to speak as in this challenge, completely sets you up to make that commitment.  Today, I was brave.
I had to read a booklet for my parenting class and I knew I was resisting it.  I was avoiding it to be truthful.  Because I really have no way around this, I just had to buck up and read it.  As I read it, I could feel my emotional world come throwing it’s own fit.  All along, I just kept asking the question “What would someone who loved themselves do?”  I kept hearing be brave.  What does bravery feel like I thought?  I read the whole thing and afterwards, I felt like if I didn’t work out my emotions on this I was going to throw up.  It was that intense for me.  Teal Scott has a remarkable process from one of her videos “how to express emotions”, ( watch here  )that I walked myself through.  Starting with the anger, then the sadness, then the fear, then the forgiveness and up through the love.  I made it!  That was a miracle in itself!  OMG, that was so hard.  And then I cried the biggest cry ever.  I didn’t hold anything back.  To me, THAT was being brave.  Allowing myself to FEEL the release coming out.  I literally felt like I squeezed every drop of the “poison” out of me.  I got so clear from those questions and I literally felt the life sentence it created in me. 40 years I have been carrying around this piece that came out.  40 years of pain.  I not only cleared it in me, but I unhooked what was underlying it all.  Once I got through the rawness of it all and through the “what just happened” piece, I actually felt like I was seeing the world in a brighter and lighter place.  I saw foods and colors and flowers and anything that I came by with more tenderness and more peace.  What a gift and what relief.

I am honored to share this with you.

Copyright © June 2013  All Rights Reserved.