Magic Unfolding…do you believe with your eyes?


Believing in appearance, is it real?  Or is what we see an illusion?

As stated many times, my definition of magic is “That which is real and that which is not real”.

Believing in something….What is being believed?  

Your perception?  Your belief system?  Your understanding of how things work?

To ‘Believe’ what creates the belief in the first place?  Our thoughts do.  So let’s step out of the box for just a moment.  Let’s “BELIEVE” we are the creator of our own reality.  Kind of like a movie and you are the “STAR” in it.

Ask yourself,  “What is it I want to see?  What is it that my creative mind is creating? 

“What really is happening is, your eyes of the “seeing part” is connecting to your heart “The believing part”.  So if you REALLY want to see it, you first must believe it from the inside, at your heart center.  So, I have created a method to get there!  

6 Weeks to Magic

Here is a way to begin a process of stepping into “a belief”.  One that Already Exists in the universal mind (God Mind).   You are acting (or pretending you believe it is so already) and by doing so, allows a shift to happen.  These words “I accept it now,” are very powerful in your intentions and helps you acknowledge that there is a willingness to own it.

If you dare to create the life you wish for, then dare to unfold the magic box handed to you in this message.

“The only thing stopping you from having exactly what you want is the belief that you can’t have it.”


There is no other aspect to this.  You believe you don’t deserve it, or you don’t believe you are worthy of it, or you think it’s a 100 reasons out of your hands.  It is a trap keeping you aligned to that which you will never get.

The first step to shifting this is to start allowing for your beliefs to change.  Allow for new channels to open up.  New ways of living in harmony, truth and abundance.  Allowing the magic to come to you and find you.  As my friend Jacob Liberman says so beautifully,

“What if life is looking for you?”


Start writing out, “My perfect life already exists in the universal mind and I accept it now”.  Or something similar, whether it be your family or a spouse.  Any relationship you wish to change, or any circumstances you have a wish for like a job/career, etc…  Let yourself believe it already exists.  Write this out 25x/day for 2 weeks.  NO EXCUSES, just do it!  

After these 2 weeks, NOW write one of 3 things.  (Just pick one).

“I deserve success and I accept it now.”

“I deserve love and I accept it now.”

“I’m sorry (put your name here), please forgive me.”

(IF you feel drawn to do each one of them, do not do them all at the same time)

Again, write this out 25x/day for 2 weeks. 


After you have finished this homework (which I know you will ALL do), you will write this last one.

“I believe in myself, and I accept it now.” 50x/day for 2 weeks.  It is beneficial if you say it out loud as you are writing it too.  

IF you have stayed the course with honest integrity, you will NOW have made the connection from your eyes to your heart center.  Miracles not only exist outside of you, but now they begin to unfold inside you.  

NOW, you happily begin to see with new eyes,new beliefs that you created.  You are creating your own world and it’s bringing its own magic in your life.

Don’t take my word for it.  Do the work and trust this message is for you.  It’s time to wake up.

WHEN you complete this assignment (so that would be end of October, early November), email your success stories to me.  I want to hear from you.  I not only believe this will change your life, I know it will.

You are worth it, so do the work.  It’s only 10-15 min a day.  Do not say you don’t have time.  I have a 2-year-old and a 7 year old….I find the time! 🙂

(Side note, you do not have to obsess over this.  You write it out, say it out loud and put it away.  If emotions come up from it, allow them.  Accept the changes that will shift and trust a seed has been planted.  As Marilyn Jennet says, “Sprinkle it with faith and expectations and it will germinate….It’s a universal law.”)


Copyright 2013.  September…all rights reserved.

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3 thoughts on “Magic Unfolding…do you believe with your eyes?

  1. Thank you very much for this “6 Weeks to Magic Assignment”!
    If this works, it will have to be made mandatory for every human being…;)

  2. Your welcome. I believe it works. I believe it also starts with one person at a time. It would be fabulous if everyone was ready to make changes like this, but it comes to each person as a choice of when they are “ready” to finally make real changes. Sometimes one has to feel “lost” or “bottomed out” before they feel enough is enough. Some people have to get to a point of seeing there is positive intention in everything to start making the changes to accept them. For me, it was a place of “allowing”. I had to do an allowing journal before I could consider anything else. I had to get past all the resistance before even opening up to the next stage. This exercise is for those people that “ARE THERE and READY” for those shifts/changes to happen once and for all. This works on our subconscious levels and heals a deep foundation of lack. This is profound in it’s simplicity and effectiveness. If you are taking this on, I know you are ripe for it to work. It will speak to you. Not only will it speak to you, but the inspired action you take to follow it shows you that you are ready. May you be blessed with wonderfulness as you unfold into your perfect life. I am holding the door open as you cross over and saying YES! I believe in you. 🙂

  3. Of course you are right, everybody has it’s own unique path.
    As you say: “Sometimes one has to feel “lost” or “bottomed out” before they feel enough is enough.” Not just did I experience this point in my personal life, but it seems to me, that this is happening globally in regard to all kind of topics (social, political, economical, environmental, scientific, medical etc.): our old way of thinking only in three dimensional terms does not serve us any longer and therefore it is time to trust our intuition and explore what happens, if we let joy and happiness guide us, instead of fear and doubt…;)

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